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Assessing core language skills in the Born-in-Bradford cohort: Administering a Comprehensive Language Assessment Tool for Children of Various Linguistic Backgrounds

Language development underpins children’s social development and their achievement of good learning outcomes. The purpose of the Speech & Language Action Project is to improve children’s life chances through effective language support and interventions. In practice, we aim to:

  • Help schools access and produce evidence of effective practice
  • Work in partnership with language practitioners to inform the translation of research findings into practice and co-develop a research agenda, focusing on areas of need
  • Gather evidence on the factors that influence language development in monolingual and multilingual children

The work of this Action Project is informed by a group of Yorkshire-based researchers, teaching improvement consultants, speech & language therapists, head teachers and teachers. We also benefit from the expertise of an Advisory Board, comprising national and international experts in language development.

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