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Future-proofing Q-BEx

  • Dates: 2023–2026
  • Funding body: Harmonious Bilingualism Network
  • Value: £24,000
  • Primary investigator: Cecile De Cat (Linguistics & Phonetics)
  • Co-investigators: Ludovica Serratrice (University of Reading); Philippe Prévost (Université de Tours, FR); Laurie Tuller (Université de Tours, FR); Draško Kascelan (University of Essex)
  • L@L themes: Multimodality and multilingualism
  • L@L satellites: Language Development & Cognition

This funding will allow the online questionnaire to remain entirely free for all professional users until the end of 2026. An online payment system will be set up to start asking for financial contributions from funded research projects for using the tool (from 2026 onwards), so that it can continue being available free of charge for unfunded researchers and for practitioners. We will also optimise the questionnaire and individual child reports (automatically generated by the tool) so that they best meet the needs of teachers and speech & language therapists.