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Centres & Satellites

Research Centres and Satellites

Language@Leeds brings together and hosts a number of centres and satellites.

The centres were established independently of Language@Leeds, but their mission aligns closely with that of L@L.

The satellites are flagship L@L initiatives aiming to connect people, ideas and resources around shared interests. All are language-related; most are interdisciplinary.  Some satellites have a specific agenda, and aim to be visible to national and international audiences.  Others have a more flexible remit, and may have a natural life-cycle (e.g. for the duration of a project).

If you are interested in setting up a new satellite, please get in touch via

Centre for Excellence in Language Teaching (CELT)

Informed by scholarship and research into second language acquisition

Centre for Language Education Research (CLER)

CLER aims to change the conversation about language education.

Centre for Endangered Languages, Cultures, and Ecosystems (CELCE)

Lifecycle of languages and the links between language and the natural environment

Language Development & Cognition

Cognitive development, language acquisition, literacy and learning


Human communication through speech, gestures, images, music... explored from many perspectives

Pedagogical Linguistics

Fostering language analysis to enhance language learning.

Language and Culture

Asks: ‘How do people of conflicting world views, memories and future visions encounter one another ethically?’

Language and Society

Examines the ways in which identities and relations are produced in language practice, the role of language in social life, and the dynamics of language within globalisation and intercultural contact.

Embracing Linguistic Diversity

Aims to celebrate linguistic diversity and reduce language-based inequalities.

Corpus Linguistics

Brings together researchers and scholars from the Schools of English; Languages, Cultures and Societies; Education and Computing.

Interpreting Studies

To cultivate cross-disciplinary research on interpreting in collaboration with applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences, and NLP and AI studies, etc.

East Asian Translation

Brings together colleagues researching and working with the translation of East Asian languages across the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.

Past satellites

Arabic language

An interdisciplinary group of PGRs and staff researching the Arabic language

Kartvelian and Caucasian Languages

The Centre for Kartvelian and Caucasian Language Studies.