The Multimodality satellite brings together researchers from:

Postgraduate researchers:

  • School of Media and Communication: Sally Osei-Appiah, Michael Tasseron
  • School of Languages, Cultures and Societies: Rebecca Iszatt, Chun Liu, Zhe Liu, Ahlam Almohissen

Visiting fellows:

Emilee Moore De Luca (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)
Yunru Chen (School of Foreign Languages, Wuhan Textile University,  China)

External Collaborators:

Jessica Bradley, University of Sheffield, Literacies Research Cluster


We use different theoretical approaches and methodologies to study the multimodality of human communication, that is, meaning made through the combined use of semiotic resources such as gesture, speech, face expression, body movement and proxemics, (still and moving) image, objects, sound and music, writing, colour, layout, and the built environment. We explore this through interdisciplinary collaboration in different areas and domains, including audio-visual translation, deaf/hearing interaction, digital environments, document design, embodiment and face-to-face interaction, educational contexts and language learning, health communication, intercultural communication, semiotics of place, and visual communication.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Elisabetta Adami at

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