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NameAffiliationAreas of expertiseResarch methodsLanguages
Diana Ahmad, NorCompcomputational linguistics; corpus linguistics; natural language processing; semanticscorpus linguistics; natural language processingMalay
Ahmadian, MohammadEdulanguage pedagogy; psycholinguistics; second language acquisitionexperimental methodsFarsi (Persian)
Aliaga, Loreto
Edulanguage comprehension;
language pedagogy;
second language acquisition;
language teacher education
ethnography; classroom observations; stimulated recallEnglish; Spanish
Allen, Richard
Psychmemory and learningexperimental methods
Atwell, Eric
Compcomputational linguistics; corpus linguistics; dialectology; morphology; natural language processing; prosody; semantics; syntax; systemic functional linguistics; text analyticscorpus linguistics; data mining; experimental methodsArabic; English
Bradford, Terry
Frenchintercultural competence; interpreting; language comprehension; language pedagogy; lexis; text genres; translationexperimental methods; surveysFrench
Brunetto, ValentinaL&Pfirst language acquisition; psycholinguistics; semantics; syntax
Clarke, PaulaEdulanguage comprehensionrandomised controlled trials (for language intervention)English
Daraselia, Sophiko
L&Pcorpus linguistics; morphology; semantics; syntaxcorpus linguisticsGeorgian; Laz; Megrelian
Davies, Catherine
L&Pcognitive development; communication; first language acquisition; language comprehension; pragmatics; psycholinguisticsexperimental methods; eye tracking; randomised controlled trials (for language intervention)English
De Cat, Cecile
L&Passessing language proficiency; bilingualism; cognitive development; English as an Additional Language (EAL); first language acquisition; generative linguistics; pragmatics; psycholinguistics; second language acquisition; syntaxcorpus linguistics; electroencephalography (ERPs); experimental methods; eye tracking; grammaticality judgement tests; reaction timesEnglish; French; Spanish
Dickins, James
AIMESaxiomatic functionalism; dialectology; translationcorpus linguisticsArabic; Sudanese Arabic
El-Farahaty, Hanem
CTScorpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis; discourse; forensic linguistics; interpreting; multimodality; translationcorpus linguisticsArabic
Evans, Melanie
Engcomputational linguistics; corpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis; historical linguistics; language change; narratives; pragmatics; sociolinguistics; stylistics; text genres; multimodality;corpus linguistics; multimodal analysis; archival research; palaeographyEnglish; Scots
Gunning, Lydia
Psychassessing language proficiency; bilingualism; communication; English as an Additional Language (EAL); first language acquisition; language comprehension; narratives; pragmatics; psycholinguistics; second language acquisitionEnglish
Hanks, Judith
Educommunication; language pedagogy; linguistic ethnography; narratives; translanguaging; teacher education; English for academic purposes
ethnography; multimodal analysis; exploratory practice; practitioner research; participatory researchEnglish; Galician; German; Italian; Chinese
Havelka, Jelena
Psychbilingualism; psycholinguistics; second language acquisitionexperimental methods; reaction timesSerbian; Spanish
Klepousniotou, Ekaterini
Psychacquired language disorders; assessing language proficiency; bilingualism; language comprehension; lexis; neurolinguistics; pragmatics; psycholinguistics; semantics; typical and atypical language development, language production, language processing and representationelectroencephalography (ERPs); experimental methods; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); reaction times; surveys; transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS); rating studies, questionnairesEnglish; French; Greek
Nash, Hannah
Psychassessing language proficiency; developmental language disorder; first language acquisition; psycholinguistics; second language acquisitionelectroencephalography (ERPs); experimental methods
Norton, Chris
L&Planguage pedagogy; psycholinguisticscorpus linguistics; data mining; electroencephalography (ERPs); eye tracking; reaction timesEnglish
Pischedda, Pier
L&Pcritical discourse analysis; historical linguistics; intercultural competence; language change; multimodality; sociolinguistics; translation; translanguaging; bilingualism; phoneticsethnography; corpus linguistics; multimodal analysis; surveysEnglish; Italian; Spanish; Japanese
Plug, Leendert
L&Pconversation analysis; language change; phonetics; phonology; prosody; tempo perceptionArabic; Dutch; English
Pinto, Sara Ramos
CTSaudio-visual translation; dialectology; discourse; multimodality; sociolinguistics; translationexperimental methods; eye trackingPortuguese
Stollhans, SaschaLCSlanguage pedagogy; Second language acquisition; sociolinguistics; digital language education; assessing language proficiency;action research; surveys; English; French; German;
Lourido, Gisela Tomé
L&Pbilingualism; phonetics; second language acquisition; socio-phonetics; speech perceptionacoustic analysis; experimental methods; eye tracking; reaction times; surveysEnglish; Galician
Wang, Binhua
CTSbilingualism; corpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis; discourse; interpreting; systemic functional linguistics; translationcorpus linguisticsChinese
Waterman, Amanda
Psychcognitive development; interaction between motor and cognitive development; memory and learningexperimental methods
Watson, Janet C.E.
AIMESdialectology; generative linguistics; linguistic ethnography; morphology; phonetics; phonologyacoustic analysis; ELAN; ethnography; electropalatography; laryngographyArabic; German; Mehri; Shehret
Wright, Clare
L&Pbilingualism; language pedagogy; psycholinguistics; second language acquisitionacoustic analysis; grammaticality judgement tests; reaction timesChinese; French; Italian
Zhao, Huahui
Eduassessing language proficiency; English as an additional language (EAL); language pedagogy; second language acquisition; technology enhanced language learningthink-aloud protocols; surveys; content and interaction analysisEnglish