Language plays a role in everything we do as human beings. The primary tool of communication, language is produced, perceived, disseminated, invented, changed, and destroyed; it can be spoken, written, signed, modelled, and coded. Language is as vital to human life as water, food and energy, and it alone distinguishes us from other animals.

Language at Leeds is an interdisciplinary centre for language research and scholarship encompassing expertise from the arts and humanities, education and social sciences, psychology and biological sciences, and computing and engineering. The Language at Leeds initiative brings together over 90 professionals within the University of Leeds, linking up individuals and research groups from the Faculties of Arts, Humanities & Cultures; Education, Social Sciences & Law; Engineering; Medicine & Health; and Business, and thus ensuring a cross-section of expertise and different disciplinary backgrounds. The central tenet of Language at Leeds is an interdisciplinary approach to addressing and understanding issues relating to language, linguistics and communication.

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