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We take 'impact' to refer to any change that academic activity generates in the world beyond academia. Language at Leeds brings together colleagues from across the University of Leeds, including those who are engaged directly in teaching and researching language and those whose work in other fields involves target applications which would benefit from greater linguistic insight – from marketing to medicine, politics to product design. By pooling in-house expertise across disciplines we are best placed to engage with external partners to our mutual benefit.

Collectively we have built a strong track record of translating academic research and student education into benefits for the wider community, in terms of policy development, professional practice, practical application and cultural understanding. This is thanks to the strong local, national and international links that we enjoy – with partners in key sectors, including government and non-governmental organisations, museums and galleries, cultural organisations, media and corporate bodies and community associations.

Triangle showing the interrelated three areas of impact of Language@Leeds.

Social, cultural and economic benefit: increase professional productivity, preserve cultural heritage, inform public policy, raise cultural awareness, influence public debate, enhance social interventions, improve learning outcomes, develop product markets.

Language research and scholarship: language acquisition, clinical linguistics, forensic linguistics, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language documentation.

Research in other fields: citizenship, education, product design, audiology, marketing, history, theology, communication studies, healthcare, artificial intelligence.