Pedagogical Linguistics

The Pedagogical Linguistics satellite aims to promote the development language analysis skills at all levels of education, and the integration of formal language analysis in language teaching.  Some of the themes to explore include how meta-linguistic awareness of first language(s) can facilitate the learning of additional languages, and how to enhance language analysis skills through the Continuous Professional Development of teachers and practitioners.

The satellite brings together researchers and scholars from

  • the School of Education:  Loreto Aliaga-Salas, Mohammad Ahmadian, Duydu Candarli
  • Linguistics & Phonetics (LCS): Valentina Brunetto, Cecile De Cat, Gise Tome Lourido, Diane Nelson, Clare Wright
  • the School of Psychology: Emily Oxley
  • the Language Centre (LCS): Jody Bradford, Clare Maxwell, Helen Sadig
  • various other units within the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies: Bettina Hermoso-Gomez, Ruba Khamam

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