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Pedagogical Linguistics Satellite CPD Event: Effective Teaching Materials: The role of Language?

Pedagogical linguistics
Thursday 18 April 2024, 12-2pm
William Bragg SR (GR.25)

We warmly welcome you to this Language at Leeds event to consider the role of language in the development of teaching and learning materials, through simultaneous, carousel-type group discussions, which you can dip in and out of according to your own areas of interest.

Discussions will be chaired by colleagues from the Pedagogical Linguistics Satellite, based in the Language Centre and School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, and will consider the following related sub-themes and questions to facilitate reflection and group discussion:

Clare Wright: Building effective listening and speaking strategies in an L2 learning context: Using a self-evaluation survey to help students develop effective L2 interactional skills for EAP or any L2 communication setting. Come and trial the survey questions yourself to find out:

  1. How to help your students improve discourse-level fluency and engagement in interaction?
  2. How your students can become more confident in getting meaning across rather than focusing on accuracy?
  3. How to become more "other-oriented" as active listeners to improve effective communication?

Helen Sadig: The role of language in developing students' academic literacies

  1. To what extent do you focus on language when developing students’ academic literacies?
  2. Is this through planned (development of materials) or incidental (use of materials) learning opportunities – or both?
  3. Do you take the same approach with 'home' students as with ‘international’ students?
  4. To what extent is your approach informed by language pedagogy research and scholarship?

Laetitia Monbec: Teaching multimodal meaning-making

  1. Expanding our teaching repertoire to include multimodality
  2. What types of multimodal resources are relevant to university students?
  3. Organising the teaching of multimodal resources around ideational, interpersonal and textual meanings.
  4. Designing materials to foster student engagement during deconstruction, joint construction and independent construction of multimodal texts.

Milada Walkova: The development of theoretically-informed language teaching materials

  1. What language do you select as target language and why?
  2. Which theories of language do you use when developing materials?
  3. How do you promote noticing of target language?
  1. How do you scaffold producing target language?

Sascha Stollhans: Intracurricular links and co-creation

  1. How can we link up linguistics research with pedagogical considerations/teaching & learning practices?
  2. How can we create meaningful links between curricula and approaches? What’s the (potential) relationship between linguistics, language teaching and related areas (e.g. literature, history, translation, intercultural studies)?
  3. How can we (as researchers and practitioners) work together to draw on both research and practice to create materials and shape policy?

This is a free event with light refreshments included!

Please follow this link to register (for catering purposes):