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Current projects

ProjectPrinciple investigatorRunning
Young people, criticality and figurative languageAlice Deignan2024–27
iDemSerge Sharoff2024–26
Co-designing a REading App To use in primary Education (CREATE) projectPaula Clarke2024–24
A citizen science approach to the assessment of pragmatic language in adolescentsCecile De Cat2024–24
Translation Error Analysis for Chinese/English Translation PedagogyCuie Xu2024–
Use of vocabulary strategies to improve learning in children with English as an additional language (EAL) Annabel Pickard2023–28
Language and Life Narrativisation in WW2 memoirs: a stylistic perspectiveChristiana Gregoriou2023–26
Future-proofing Q-BExCecile De Cat2023–26
Linguistic diversity and accent bias in Higher Education and beyondGisela Tomé Lourido2023–24
Heritage protection, sustainable development and resilience through traditional ecopoetics in al-Mahrah, YemenJanet C.E. Watson2023–24
Connecting and Comprehending Through Play Peter Hart2023–24
Crouching Button, Hidden Typo: Reception of Chinese-English VideogamesJemma Louise Stafford2022–25
How variable is speech, how reliable are single recordings? Assessing the medium-term dynamics of speech through iterative data collectionLeendert Plug2022–24
Computational Linguistics and Language Learning: Error identification in advanced learners of Mandarin ChineseAlison May2022–24
The Use of Adjective Intensification by Najdi Dialect Speakers in RiyadhRandah Alfuhaydi2021–25
Language maintenance in contexts of immigrationCecile De Cat2020–24
The Phonetics and Phonology of Ḥarsūsi: An Instrumental Phonetics StudyHammal Al Balushi2019–24

Past projects

ProjectPrinciple investigatorStartEnd
In Our Name: pragmatics, materiality and ideologies of power and nation in the correspondence of James V and Henry VIII, 1513-1542.Dr Mel Evans2023
Spoken Language, Standards and Inequality in SchoolsJulia Snell20212023
Unveiling the factors for the predictive validity of IELTS for postgraduate studies: assessment, teaching and learning in the TLU domainDr Huahui Zhao20212023
Assessing core language skills in the Born-in-Bradford cohort: Administering a Comprehensive Language Assessment Tool for Children of Various Linguistic BackgroundsProf Cecile De Cat20202022
Communication for Children with Hearing Impairment to optimise Language Development (Comm4CHILD)R A Swanwick20192022
ETHER: Ethics and Aesthetics of Encountering the OtherProf Maggie Kubanyiova20202022
Quantifying bilingual language experience: Optimising tools for educators, clinicians and researchersProf Cecile De Cat20192022
Subtitling 3.0: Translating the Verbal and BeyondSara Ramos Pinto20202022
The role of regional variation in speech processingDr Gisela Tomé Lourido20182022
AI-based study for detecting COVID19 misinformationProf Serge Sharoff20202021
British Academy's GCRF Early Childhood Education ProgrammeRuth Swanwick20192021
Children's experience, understanding, and use of adjectives across the socioeconomic spectrumDr Catherine Davies20182021
Dynamic Assessment of Reading Test (DART)Dr Hannah Nash20182021
Linguistic Challenges of the Transition from Primary to Secondary SchoolProf Alice Deignan20182021
The Impact of COVID-19 on Key Learning and Education (ICKLE)Hannah Nash20202021
Co-DigiTech - Co-designing methods with older people to understand the role of digital technologies in social isolationDr Elisabetta Adami20182020
EU-MADE4LL - European Multimodal Digital Education for Language LearningDr Elisabetta Adami20162020
L2 Mandarin acquisition and HSK test-taker characteristicsDr Clare Wright20192020
L2 Mandarin acquisition during Study AbroadDr Clare Wright20192020
Yemen in Conflict: Popular literary heritage as expression of conflict and tool for conflict resolutionDeryn Rees-Jones20192020
Born in Bradford New WaveDr Ekaterini Klepousniotou20162019
Building a civic curriculum: Helping local schools better support EAL childrenHelen Sadig20182019
DARE Art PrizeAnna Ridler20182019
Language and memory function in typically and atypically developing childrenDr Ekaterini Klepousniotou20162019
Updating AntConc for spoken and educational language dataDr Robbie Love20182019
Updating AntConc for spoken and educational language dataClare Wright20182019
Ambiguity and its implications for models of word comprehensionDr Ekaterini Klepousniotou20152018
Community intravenous antibiotic studyMedicines Management Group20132015
Natural language processing working together with Arabic and Islamic studiesArtificial Intelligence Group20132015
Reading for comprehensionChildhood and Inclusive Education Group20132015
Referential communication and executive function skills in bilingual childrenLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20122015
Visualising the UK General Election 2015 TV debatesPolitical Communication Group20132015
Exploring psycholinguistic eye tracking methodologies and data analytic techniquesLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20142014
HyghTra: A hybrid high quality translation systemLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20112014
New statistical methods to analyse psycholinguistic dataLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20142014
Political voice/Voicing politicsPolitical Communication Group20132014
Text analytics to predict cause of death in verbal autopsiesArtificial Intelligence Group20102014
White Rose Network for the Interdisciplinary Study of Second Language Learning (NISSLL)Artificial Intelligence Group20142014
A multimethodological approach to rhotic sounds in EnglishLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20112013
Anonymization of cancer patient recordsArtificial Intelligence Group20122013
Detecting terrorist activities: Making senseArtificial Intelligence Group20122013
National network for interpretingLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20072013
Analysis and evaluation of comparable corpora for under resourced areas of machine translationLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
e-Health GATEway to the cloudsArtificial Intelligence Group20122012
How do 3- and 5-year-olds respond to over- and under-informative utterances?Language, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
KellyLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Lateral emphatics in south-west Saudi ArabiaLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Online resource for conference interpreter trainingLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Prosodic marking revisited: The phonetics of self-initiated self-repair in DutchLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
ReadingCorpLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Sensitivity to quantity maxims in children with autism and language impairmentLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Terminology extraction, translation tools and comparable corporaLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102012
Tools and applications for corpus-based models of meaningArtificial Intelligence Group20112012
Web-as-corpus resources for Islamic studiesArtificial Intelligence Group20112012
Evaluation in translationLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102011
IntelliText: Intelligent tools for creating and analysing electronic text corpora for humanities researchLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102011
Mario Vargas Llosa papersLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20102011
Sentence processing in children with Williams syndrome using eye-trackingLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20092010
WebDocLanguage, Linguistics and Translation Research Group20092010
Whose Voices?English Language Group20072010