Kate Cain: research talk and round table discussion

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  • Time: 2:30 (round table) and 4-5 (talk)
  • Location: 2:30: Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building SR (12.11) 4:00: Clothworkers North Building LT (Cinema) (2.31)
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“The dynamics of reading and listening comprehension: developmental perspectives”

The product of successful reading (and listening) comprehension is a coherent and accurate representation of the state of affairs described in the text: a mental model. A number of language and cognitive skills support the real-time construction of the mental model; these include vocabulary, grammar, higher-level discourse skills such as inference and comprehension monitoring, and working memory. I will consider the dynamics of text comprehension in developing readers from two perspectives. First, a presentation of empirical work that provides insight into how these skills contribute to the moment-by-moment processing of text for meaning. Second, how these critical text comprehension skills interact across early development.

Please note the different locations for the round-table discussion and for the talk.

This event was originally planned for March, but had to be postponed due to the combined effect of the strike and the coronavirus.