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Changing language attitudes: linguistics in the languages classroom

Pedagogical linguistics
research talks
Wednesday 1 June 2022, 13:00-14:00

Changing language attitudes: linguistics in the languages classroom

Michelle Sheehan (Newcastle University) & Sascha Stolhans (University of Leeds)

(presenting joint work with Alice Corr, Anna Havinga, Peter Gillman, Jonathan Kasstan & Norma Schifano)


In this talk, we present the preliminary results of a co-creation project funded by Language Acts and World Making. In phase one of the project, we (a group of academic linguists) developed language-specific materials in collaboration with experienced classroom teachers. These materials embed concepts and  findings from linguistics within the existing A-level specification for French, German and Spanish. Phase two of the project (still in progress) sees the testing of these materials in UK classrooms by third party teachers. 153 teachers are signed up for this phase and we report preliminary feedback from participating teachers and pupils highlighting significant attitudinal changes. Finally, time permitting, we will also report on phase three of this project which involves CPD sessions for experienced and trainee teachers. Again, we present evidence of important changes in teacher attitudes to both linguistics and language more generally.

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