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The Power of Gestures: Learn Nonverbal Communication in Arabic Culture - Research Talk

Arabic Language
research talks
Monday 1 February 2021, 3PM GMT
We are glad to announce the first Research Talk of 2021 hosted by the Arabic PGR Satellite group.
Dr Muntasir Al-Hamad, FHE (Fellow of Higher Education Academy-UK) from Qatar University will give a talk entitled

The Power of Gestures: Learn Nonverbal Communication in Arabic Culture

The talk will cover the following points:
  • The importance of “Non-Verbal Cues” in human conversation.
  • NVC dimensions: time (monochronic vs polychronic), space and context.
  • The Arab culture (as a High-context culture) compared to other cultures.
  • An introduction in the Types of NVC (e.g. gestures, Proxemics, Kinesics … etc).
  • An introduction to the clothes semiotics.
  • Presentation from the speaker’s book (in Arabic): “Signs & Gestures: NVC in Qatari Culture” by Qatar University. It contains more than four hundred (400) entries for signs and gestures that are unique to the Qatari society, some may be in common with other cultures. It presents the intangible cultural side of Qatari heritage in line with the UNESCO convention of 2003 headlined “The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage”.
Dr Al-Hamad is specialist in comparative Semitic Languages syntax and grammar and is highly interested in the history of the region and its faiths. He worked as a lecturer of Arabic and Oriental Studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as the director of Amstone Project on Abrahamic Religions at the University of Manchester before moving to Qatar University to teach Arabic at the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center. He provides training and consultancies for various universities, schools, educational firms and publishers in the field of teaching Arabic as a second/foreign language.
The talk will be hosted on University of Leeds Zoom on Monday, February 1st at 3pm GMT.
Please email for the Zoom invitation if you wish to participate.