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PsychoPy workshop 2020

Language Development & Cognition
Monday 13 January 2020, 10:00-16:00
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (cluster 11:06), Level 11 of the Worsley Building

In this workshop, you will learn now to use the intuitive Builder interface PsychoPy, including some of its recently developmed features (e.g. running studies online). This interface aims to be easy enough for use in undergraduate teaching, yet flexible enough for high-precision experimental psychology.

Getting started with basic experiments is really easy, but this workshop will show you how to extend those simple experiments into more feature-rich studies. We will look at some of the lesser-known features that PsychoPy provides, at some of the common mistakes in experiment building, and, gradually, start to add in code snippets to create richer, more flexible studies.

To make the most of the workshop and avoid disappointments in case of technical issues in the teaching lab, please bring your own laptop and install PsychoPy IN ADVANCE, from the following page:

The workshop will be taught by the creator of PsychoPy: Dr Jon Peirce.

Programme for the day:

  • 10:00-12:00 Building standard experiments (introductory workshop)
  • 12:00-12:45: Lunch
  • 12:45-13:45: What's new in PsychoPy (demo)
  • short break
  • 14:00-16:00: Running studies online (workshop)

The workshop is free, but to attend you will have to register via Eventbrite