Data preparation and manipulation in R

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  • EC Stoner Cluster (6.61): 10:00 - 12:00
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In this workshop you will learn how to import data in R, how to prepare it for analysis, and how to explore it visually.
Among other things, the content covered will include:

  • cleaning data,
  • dealing with vectors, factors, variables and data types
  • handling data with multiple dimensions
  • merging fields (columns) and adding derived fields
  • subsetting, merging and sorting data,
  • searching and filtering data
  • creating tables (with several levels),
  • using apply (tapply, lapply),
  • exploring data through visualisation

The workshop will be taught by Martin Callaghan.

Location: Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (cluster 11:06) – Level 11, Worsley Building (University of Leeds)

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