Beyond Intervention in Second Language Acquisition

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  • Time: 14:00-1700
  • Place: room 1.17, 11-14 Blenheim Terrace
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All are invited to register (free) to the following Language at Leeds Pedagogical Linguistics Event.   

This workshop asks what more we can do in SLA research which is of direct benefit to the language classroom, beyond intervention studies. The same question will be addressed from the two different theoretical orientations: Generative SLA and Instructed SLA. 


  • Beyond Intervention: Generative SLA, Tom Rankin, Vienna University of Economics and Business 
  • Beyond Intervention: Instructed SLA, Mohammad Ahmadian, University of Leeds 
  • Beyond Intervention: Moving from input to intake, Richard Badger, University of Leeds 
  • No more unbearable lightness of being: Classroom input for Generative (SLA) Theory, Kook-hee Gil, University of Sheffield 

Panel Discussion: Heather Marsden, Cecile De Cat, James Simpson, Maggie Kubanyiova 

How To Register

Registration is free, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please reserve your place by emailing: