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Looking for a PGR Rep


Would you like to co-lead the L@L PGR Group? Do you have a supervisee who would?

Language@Leeds PGRs talking over lunch.

The L@L PGR Group brings together PGRs working on language-related topics across the University and provides them with opportunities to discuss their needs and challenges and receive tailored support, e.g., specialised training, writing sessions, practice talks.
As a L@L PGR Rep, you will work closely with the other PGR Rep, Nathalie Czeke, and the Director of L@L, Gise Tomé Lourido, to foster a PGR community and plan activities to support L@L PGRs.
Benefits for you:
  • Access to funding to plan PGR-led activities.
  • Opportunity to design events to support your and  your peers' specific research needs, e.g., training, guest speakers.
  • Opportunity to network with a wide range of PGRs and academics throughout the University.
Hear from Nathalie what it has been like for her to be a L@L PGR Rep: 
"As a PGR Rep I have had the opportunity to follow my curious mind and get involved behind the scenes at L@L. If you are enthusiastic about bringing ideas to life and people together, why not join us? You will be able to connect with PGRs and academic staff across disciplines and actively (co-)create a space that provides opportunities for connection, learning and growth around the topics of language. This will not only take you beyond your own research context but also equip you with valuable skills and connections in the academic world."
If you would like to apply, please contact us at