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Language and/or Nature in Southern Arabia

Language and Nature
The online Language and/or Nature in Southern Arabia series hosted PGR students from Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia on 9th February 2021. The following speakers presented:
Kamela al-Barami (University of Leeds) - Fieldwork in Oman during the Covid-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities
Mohammed al-Shahri (Heidelberg University) - اللغة الشحرية: كلمة واحدة لها عدة معاني
Thamer Marzouq (University of Newcastle) -  Blowing off the dust: towards salvaging the forgotten Mehri tongue in Saudi Arabia
Mus'id 'Amir Saydoon (Al-Madinah International University) -  التحليل المورفولوجي للحكاية الشعبية في المهرة حزييت ليلانوت نموذجا
The next workshop will focus on the phonetics and phonology of Modern South Arabian and will be held through Zoom on 9th March at 3pm GMT.