Workshop on Language and/or Nature in Southern Arabia Orthography and Poetry


Leonid Kogan (National Research University, Moscow): Towards an Arabic-Based Soqotri Orthography: Consonants and Vowels

Kamela al-Barami (University of Leeds): Women in Shehret / Jibbali poetry: Who are Tfool and Alkhiyar?

Craig Cornelius (Google): Typing in my language? Get started with GBoard and other keyboards


Using a language on digital devices requires text support, including ways to enter the characters and phrases for both online and on-device applications. Input methods and virtual keyboards are already available for every modern desk/laptop and mobile device in hundreds of languages. This session will demonstrate how to find and install applications such as GBoard for mobile and Google Input Tools. We will also briefly discuss other options including building custom virtual keyboards.

All welcome!

Please contact Janet Watson: for joining instructions.