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Workshop: Design Thinking for Language Research, Scholarship and Impact

Thursday 23 May 2024, 1-5pm
William Bragg SR (GR.18). In person only.
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Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, creativity, and collaboration to generate innovative solutions.  

In this workshop, we will explore the practical application of design thinking principles to language research, scholarship and impact projects through a combination of theoretical frameworks, hands-on exercises, and discussions.  

The workshop will equip you with valuable skills and a range of techniques to understand the stakeholders involved in your project, develop your ideas and communicate the value of your research. 

This workshop will be led by Tony Morgan, Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice at the University of Leeds.  


  • Enable attendees consider new ways to look at their research and scholarship by exploring tools and techniques which use a “design thinking” human-centred approach. 
  • Encourage attendees to apply what they’ve learned to their own projects. 


13:00-13:10 – Welcome and Introductions
13:10-13:35 – Introduction to Design Thinking
13:35-14:50 – Understanding People and Problems
14:50-15:05 – Break
15:05-15:50 – Idea Analysis
15:50-16:50 – Idea Communication
16:50-17:00 – Reflection, Q&A and Discussion

Due to the interactive nature of the workshop, it will be in person only. Refreshments will be provided.

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