The Boat Trip from Khasab to Kumzar: The influence of Nature and Culture on Geographical Place Names

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  • Time: 15:00
  • Location: online Zoom
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This is a workshop on Kumzari led by Dr Dola Algady from the University of Sohar. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TIME! We will start 2 hours later than normal for the rest of the Spring semester.
The programme is as follows:
Dola Algady, Muna AlBadaai, and Makeyya AlKumzari (University of Sohar): The boat trip from Khasab to Kumzar: the influence of nature and culture on geographical place names
Ali Bin Hassan AlKumzari:  اللغة الكمزارية وترابطها مع الحضارات القديمة
Makeyya AlKumzari:  الادب في الكمزارية
Christina van der Wal Anonby (Carleton University, Canada): Pushed to the Brink: the Kumzari Language as Geographic Product
Please contact Janet Watson on for the Zoom invite if you wish to attend.