Share, Adopt, Adapt Event

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  • Research Room 1, Level 13, Edward Boyle Library 12:00 to 13:00:
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Language analysis is a form of conscious and active engagement with language, aiming to unveil how meaning is encoded and decoded. It involves the ability to spot patterns in language and to identify variables.  Through the deeper understanding of language afforded by language analysis, one can become a more efficient language user.  This is a critical skill for any scientific endeavour.
Most school teachers have little or no training in language analysis, and language analysis is not assessed adequately (e.g. at GCSE level).  As a result, most students entering University education have little understanding of how language works.  This creates a hurdle for the learning of foreign languages, but also for academic achievement in general.
This presentation will illustrate how language analysis skills underpin mathematical reasoning and the reporting and interpretation of statistical information.
We will argue that, through the Students into Schools programme, we have a direct opportunity to enhance the language analysis skills of students from any academic discipline.