Oral Fluency in the Second/ Foreign Language Classroom

Registration is now open for this one-day workshop: Improving spoken fluency is a key aim for university language learners and teachers, and plays an increasingly important role in assessment (e.g. in CEFR standards) as well as in effective communicative teaching practices. Drawing on findings from research, this workshop will focus on practical techniques and strategies teachers can use to develop students’ fluency.
Workshop leaders:Dr Parvaneh Tavakoli and Dr Colin Campbell (University of Reading)
Free event but limited number of participants Lunch and coffee provided
If you would like to attend please register here:
Registration closes: Friday 10th November
For further information please contact: Sofia Martinho (s.martinho@leeds.ac.uk) or Clare Wright (C.E.M.Wright@leeds.ac.uk)
This event has the kind support of the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence.