Online workshops on Language and Nature in Southern Arabia

The online workshops have started up again after a summer break, and will be held twice monthly.

On 14th September, we held a workshop on Soqotra, with presentations by Julian Jansen van Rendsburg, Miranda Morris and Alan Forrest.

On 29th September a workshop will be held at 13.00 BST on Time. The programme is given below:

Hammal al-Balushi (Leeds) and Andrea Boom (Manchester): Mehri and Harsusi Time Words

Simone Bettega (Torino): Visions of the Future: The Verbal System of Omani Arabic between Tense and Modality

Amer Fael Muhammad Balhaf (UNajran): الظروف في اللغة المهرية – Adverbial Particles in Mehri (Talk in Arabic)

Abdullah al-Fayfi (Indiana University, Bloomington): Distal and Proximal Relative Pronouns in Fayfi Arabic

Munira al-Azraqi (UDammam): Loss of Tense in Gulf Pidgin