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nēhiýawēwin (Plains Cree) Language Resource Development

Language and Nature
Wednesday 26 April 2023, 16.00-17.00

This presentation will provide an introduction to nēhiyawēwin, the Plains Cree language, an Algonquian language spoken in western Canada. After a brief discussion of the language’s current status, speaker population and certain typological features, the talk will focus on the past and present development of language resources in the quest for language revitalization. Publications such as short story and larger text collections, teaching texts, and online resources such as dictionaries and grammars will be touched on. Many of these resources are part of projects that transcend the limits of nēhiyawēwin itself to encompass additional Algonquian languages, and in fact other Indigenous language families within Canada as well.

This talk will be given by ᐋᐧᐱ ᑭᐦᐃᐤ Arok WolvengreyProfessor, Algonquian Languages and Linguistics, First Nations University of Canada.

Online - Zoom link available on EventBrite: