Language and Nature Workshop

9.20 Introduction to workshop: Janet Watson, Jon Lovett & Diane Nelson


Diane Nelson, University of Leeds: Meadow Mari

Jon Lovett, University of Leeds & Deryn Rees-Jones, University of Liverpool: Story telling and complex adaptive systems

Janet C.E. Watson, University of Leeds & Leonid Kogan, National Research University, Moscow: What’s the time? Natural measurement of time in Modern South Arabian

James Dickins, University of Leeds: Yemen today

11–11.30 TEA/COFFEE


Shahina Ghazanfar, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew; Erik Anonby, Carleton University, Canada; Yusuf Ali Muhammad al-Kumzari; Christina van der Wal Anonby, Leiden University; Ahmad Hassan Ali Salim al-Kumzari; Hasan Suleyman Muhammad al-Kumzari; Suleyman Muhammad al-Kumzari: Plants and plant names in Kumzari and Arabic of the Musandam Peninsula, Oman

Marine Beridze, Tbilisi State University; Lia Bakuradze, Tbilisi State University; Zakharia Pourtskhvanidze, Goethe University Frankfurt: A Georgian Language Island in Iran

Rusudan Gersamia, Ilia State University; Sophiko Daraselia, University of Leeds: Laz in Georgia and Turkey: Past and Present

13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH

14.00 – 14.30

Alice Rudge, British Library, London: Language and Nature in Batek, a Northern Aslian language, of the Austroasiatic family


Film and discussion: with introduction by Professor Friederike Lüpke, SOAS, London

17.30–17.40 Announcement of Centre for Endangered Languages, Cultures and Ecosystems: Janet Watson, Jon Lovett, Thea Pitman, Diane Nelson.

17.40–19.00 Summary discussion followed by wine reception, LHRI

Dickins_The war in Yemen


Lovett Rees-Jones_Complex Adaptive Systems

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