Counter-Narratives in Language Education Research

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  • Time: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Location: online
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You’re warmly invited to this CLER & Language@Leeds conversation with Dr Nelson Flores, University of Pennsylvania and Dr Giovanna Fassetta, University of Glasgow, with contributions from University of Leeds colleagues: Dr Daniel Fobi, Dr Kate Spowage and Rumana Hossain. The speakers’ presentations in diverse areas of language education inquiry will lead to a more general reflection. Join us as we discuss:
  • what are the dominant narratives of language (and) education in our respective contexts and domains of inquiry?
  • which/whose stories are not included in them and why do they need to be?
  • how does our research need to change to make space for the multiple, complex and often competing counter-narratives?
Please find more information via the link below.