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Hidden Voices of Arabia: Language Documentation in the Arabian Peninsula

Arabic Language
Language and Nature
Monday 20 May 2019
Research Training Room 1 - Edward Boyle Library
11am - 6pm

Hidden voices of Arabia: Language documentation in the Arabian Peninsula is a one-day event that aims at bringing together local, national and international postgraduate, early career researchers and scholars working on the linguistic documentation of various dialects and languages in the Arabian Peninsula. In recent years, academic interest in Peninsular vernaculars has increased significantly. Due to political and social factors, access to some of the Peninsular countries (e.g. Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen) has been difficult for researchers, with the result that much of the richness of language variation within the Peninsula has been neglected.

This event aims to highlight the work done and that still needs to be done in this area of the world. The practical workshop in the afternoon session is a great opportunity to experiment how language documentation is done on the field with world leading experts.

For more information about the speakers and the workshop, you can have a look at the Programme.

The event is open and free to attend, however places are limited. Please register your interest here by May 13th:

The abstracts of the talks will be given in due course. Stay tuned!