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Speaker:  Dr. Sumin Zhao & Chris Cummins, University of Edinburgh, UK To attend the talk, please register here
‘New approaches to (digital) social networks’ Prof Mikko Laitinen (University of Eastern Finland)   To register, please sign up here:  Social networks play a considerable role in language variation and change, and social network theory has offered a powerful tool in modeling how linguistic innovations spread into communities (Milroy 1987). However, existing work on…
Linguistic/Cultural Diversity in Teaching and Learning: Why it matters This is the first in a series of events discussing the role of linguistic and cultural diversity in teaching and learning. In this event, we are delighted to welcome five speakers from diverse disciplinary areas whose work intersects with this topic:     Standardised English and linguistic diversity in teaching: Challenging myths,…
Dr Ian Cushing (Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University) Discussants: Prof. Cecile De Cat (Linguistics), Prof. Alice Deignan and Dr Paula Clarke (Education) Abstract: Educational linguists across England and the USA have long critiqued deficit-based language ideologies, yet since the early 2010s, these have seen a marked resurgence in England’s education policy in narratives and interventions related…

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10th international conference of the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG, 3rd & 4th July 2014, University of Leeds, UK
Danielle Colenbrander, PhD student at ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) Macquarie University, will be discussing “How do oral vocabulary skills affect reading comprehension?”
The British Academy is to fund an ECR event on Multimodality in language research. The event will be held at the University of Leeds on 24-26 June.
Language and culture: Documentation of the Modern South Arabian Languages.
Announcing the LREC’2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Workshop on Language Resources and Evaluation for Religious Texts.
Professor Stuart Davis from the University of Indiana will be presenting a paper on 28th May at 11am in the Emmanuel Centre SR 02, University of Leeds.
Part of LREC 2014, BUCC, the 7th workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora is to be held on the subject of Building Resources for Machine Translation Research.
Announcing the LREC’2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Workshop on Free/Open-Source Arabic Corpora and Corpora Processing Tools.
This workshop will introduce language researchers to a range of techniques for quantitative data visualisation.
A workshop bringing together language researchers and members of the Advanced Research Computing support team at Leeds.