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Creating resources in and for San Francisco del Mar Huave, a near-dormant language Dr Yuni Kim (University of Essex) The Huaves are a marginalised ethnic group occupying four villages – each with its own variety of the Indigenous language, which is an isolate – on the Pacific coast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca State,…

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Language and culture: Documentation of the Modern South Arabian Languages.
Announcing the LREC’2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Workshop on Language Resources and Evaluation for Religious Texts.
Professor Stuart Davis from the University of Indiana will be presenting a paper on 28th May at 11am in the Emmanuel Centre SR 02, University of Leeds.
Part of LREC 2014, BUCC, the 7th workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora is to be held on the subject of Building Resources for Machine Translation Research.
Announcing the LREC’2014 Language Resources and Evaluation Workshop on Free/Open-Source Arabic Corpora and Corpora Processing Tools.
This workshop will introduce language researchers to a range of techniques for quantitative data visualisation.
A workshop bringing together language researchers and members of the Advanced Research Computing support team at Leeds.
Representing objects across time: language-mediated event representation. Professor Gerry Altmann, University of York Weds 21st May, 4pm, Room1.23 in Psychology, Institute of Psychological Sciences  Language is often used to describe the changes that occur around us – changes in either state (“I cracked the glass…”) or location (“I moved the glass onto the table…”). To…
Seminar hosted by the Language Education and Childhood and Inclusive Education academic teams (School of Education) to be held at the University of Leeds Centenary Gallery.
The next Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University conference will be held at Leeds, with the special theme ‘Enhancing student performance’.