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[Leeds TIS Seminar Series] The translation teaching platform based on multilingual corpora of The Governance of China: Design, resources and applications

Interpreting Studies
Thursday 20 June 2024, 2-4pm UK Time, Thur


Prof. HU Kaibao, Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications, Shanghai International Studies University


Over the last two decades, the domain of corpus-based translation studies has evolved into a significant paradigm, instrumental in probing a diverse array of scholarly inquiries. This article demonstrates the various uses of corpus analysis techniques that have gained popularity in translation studies, and it presents a new multilingual corpus. This corpus showcases the evolving nature of the field as it expands to accommodate new conceptual frameworks and methodologies. In addition to addressing the use of corpora in translating, learning, and analyzing translation within the context of multilingual corpora and machine translation, this article reports on a pilot project concerning the construction of an AI-based translation teaching platform. Utilizing multilingual corpora, the platform aims to create a foundation for extensive translation instruction and multilingual training at the tertiary level. Following a discussion on the evolution of corpus-based approaches in translation studies and their connection to the growth of translation education as a profession, the paper describes the actual design of the platform. This includes the theoretical framework, the methodology of annotation, and the execution of the software program. These corpora are relevant not only to individuals studying translation but also to the related multilingual corpora, comprising collections of originals and their translations in the same language.

Speaker’s bio:

Prof. HU Kaibao is a professor of Translation Studies and dean of the Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications, Shanghai International Studies, Shanghai, China. His main research interests are corpus-based translation studies and discourse analysis. He has published more than 110 articles on corpus-based translation studies and discourse analysis, and has been involved in the compilation of the English-Chinese Parallel Corpora of Shakespeare’s Plays, Chinese-English Conference Interpreting Corpus and Modern English-Chinese and Chinese-English Parallel Corpora in the past few years. He is author of The Historical Text of English-Chinese Dictionaries and the Evolution of the Chinese Language (Yiwen Press, 2005, in Chinese), Introducing Corpus-based Translation Studies (Springer, 2015, in English), A Corpus-based Study of the Chinese Translations of Shakespeare’s Plays (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, 2015, in Chinese) , A Corpus-based Study of Chinese-English Press Conference Interpreting (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2015, in Chinese), Introducing Corpus-based Critical Translation Studies (Higher Education Press, 2018, in Chinese) and Corpus-based Translation Studies in Chinese Contexts (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019).