Centre for Kartvelian and Caucasian Studies

The Centre for Kartvelian and Caucasian Studies is a newly-formed research group that brings together specialists in language studies who are interested in Kartvelian and other Caucasian languages.  We are part of the interdisciplinary research network Language at Leeds (L@L) which offers a dynamic environment for research and research-led teaching.

Our current research focuses on the Kartvelian languagesGeorgian, Laz, Megrelian and Svan. In particular, we are examining application of corpus methods to the morphology and lexicographical analyses of Kartvelian languages.

The research team is comprised of  academic staff from the University of Leeds. The Centre has established a wide network outside of the University of Leeds. We are keen to establish links with other Caucasian language specialists.

Centre for Kartvelian and Caucasian Studies

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The Workshop on Computational Approaches to Morphologically Rich  Languages (#CAMRL2017) is organised by the Leeds University Kartvelian Studies group. This...