Shaping the future for better support of EAL children

You are cordially invited to the first EAL networking event organised by Language@Leeds.

Our aim is to initiate a partnership between researchers, educators, therapists and local authorities to coordinate efforts to support children with English as an Additional Language.

If you have ever wondered how to assess EAL children’s proficiency in English, how long it should take for “New to English” pupils to catch up with their peers, how to support their language development, how to evaluate whether a child should be referred for language therapy, this event is for you.

The programme will include

  • An overview of the EAL population in Yorkshire
  • Short presentations on the latest research on language assessment in EAL children
    language intervention to boost vocabulary learning
  • the challenges of EAL support at primary school
  • when language therapy is needed and how to assess it
  • The launch of a website to help parents and educators find the information and the resources they need
  • Group discussions to take stock and start shaping our partnership
  • A networking session over drinks and nibbles