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Dmitri Sitchinava, Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences / Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Ukrainian is a language with many online resources but it is still under-represented in the world of linguistic corpora, as it lacks a comprehensive national-like corpus. However, there are some teams that work on separate projects, including the…
You are warmly invited to participate in the first of a series of events on multimodality. As a phenomenon of communication, the term ‘multimodality’ is being increasingly used in the arts, humanities and social sciences to refer to the combination of multiple resources to make meaning. As an interdisciplinary field, it provides a diverse range…
The Workshop on Animacy in Language and Cognition will be held on 9 November 2015 at the LHRI. The programme and information about registration can be found at All are welcome to attend.
Language @ Leeds Distinguished Speakers Series Prof. John E. Joseph, University of Edinburgh  ‘Abstract and Concrete’ Linguists, philosophers and psychologists appear largely unaware of how inconsistently they deploy the term abstract and concrete, within each field as well as across them. Sometimes a core agreement can be detected, yet looking back in time we find…
Julia Snell (English) and Gerry Howley (University of Salford) will be discussing: Ethnographic methods in sociolinguistics: Two case studies
The latest in our regular lunchtime research discussions
Diane Nelson and Janet Watson will be presenting the lunchtime seminar on ‘Reindeer, camels and linguistic human rights’. This will be followed by a discussion around endangered language documentation, the commonalities of endangered language communities, and linguistic human rights.
In this discussion, Simon Green will introduce ideas for developing a cross-University research project.
We are delighted to announce that Professor David Crystal will give a talk on Monday 9th March (5.15-6.30pm) entitled: ‘Language BLANK Literature: from Conjunction to Preposition.’
Language at Leeds is pleased to announce the second speaker in our distinguished speaker series, Professor Nicola McLelland (Nottingham University), who will speak on “The History of Teaching and Learning Languages in England, 1500-2000”.