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These pages provide an overview of past and present externally funded projects undertaken in the Language at Leeds research groups. Click on the name of a project to reveal summary information. More information on many of these projects can be found on the relevant research group’s website.

Ongoing projects

Community intravenous antibiotic study

National Institute for Health Research | 2013-2015 | Medicines Management Group

Documentation and ethnolinguistic analysis of the Modern South Arabian languages

Leverhulme Trust | 2013-2016 | Language, Linguistics and Translation Research Group

Natural language processing working together with Arabic and Islamic studies

EPSRC | 2013-2015 | Artificial Intelligence Group

Reading for comprehension

Education Endowment Foundation | 2013-2015 | Childhood and Inclusive Education Group

Referential communication and executive function skills in bilingual children

Leverhulme Trust | 2012-2015 | Language, Linguistics and Translation Research Group

Visualising the UK General Election 2015 TV debates

EPSRC | 2013-2015 | Political Communication Group

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